Kadikoy is a region of Istanbul that almost every wall is covered by a mural, graffiti,
sometimes amateur, sometimes skilfully achieved,
sometimes funny, sometimes silly, sometimes with social targeted messages,
a region that street art can be observed intensely and probably the most active one in Turkey.
Unfortunately these works are covered by paint occasionally. Whatever happens, this tradition of Kadikoy must survive and whenever possible these should be documented.
I have decided to reproduce one of these murals by 3D printing for a workshop called Touch/Pattern Kadikoy via 3D Print
I used Cinema 4D for modeling.
3D Print Mural

 3D Render


I wanted to get the print in two pieces divided vertically to avoid support need underneath 90 degree horizontal layers.
But this way is not suitable to monolithic production idea which is the most advantageous aspect of 3d printing .
Also it caused the need for careful crafting like joint filling and sanding in assembly phase.
3D Print Mural
Test Print (h:6cm)

Final Print w/o Paint

3d print mural