Volkswagen T1 Samba-bus 21 Pencere 1966 3D Render 01
Volkswagen T1 Samba-bus 21 Pencere 1966 3D Render 02

The project which I have started  saying ‘I wonder how do people model cars?’ was a self-challenge at the same time. I want to thank to people who prepared and shared those tutorials thought me a lot at that stage, keep rockin’ guys!

Appealing design of T1 charmed me as like many others and I have started to work. With an irregular tempo it took 3 weeks to complete the still images.

First and foremost, I had intended  to model a ‘custom’ vehicle but later decided to be loyal to a design that already extinct.

The voyage starting with a closed “Van” resulted with a total opposite 21 window Samba-Bus. Finally I integrated this model into an animation as X-ref. “you can watch here

I used the blueprints which I have found from “” as base. After completing modeling, lighting, materials and rendering in Cinema 4D R17 using HyperNURBS , I used Photoshop CC for ‘post’ processes.

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